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“Daddy was a great inspiration to me, inspiring me to aim a little bit above the mark.”


“He gave me a 7 iron at age 7. He said play. I did. He was my only golf instructor–until I met Woody! The times my father and I spent playing golf were very special. I teed off at the men’s tees. This helped me to understand the rules of life and competition and the practice of orthopaedic surgery!


There are no shortcuts, no shorter holes in life for females. It was only when I started playing in golf scrambles that I was used as a weapon off of the women’s tees.”


 “He encouraged me to do well in school. He allowed me to swim on a year-round team at the age of 10. He taught me to tee up the ball in golf and in life. Be the woman! The highly competitive spirit with which I was blessed could soar!”


“I want to keep the memory of my father alive. The legacy of this foundation can influence many people–patients, friends and peers. The educational materials and research projects focusing on prevention, and skeletal injuries in females, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles would be the foundation’s legacy. The beat goes on. Please contribute.”

—Mary Lloyd Ireland, M.D.







JEIF is organized as 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that receives tax deductible donations.